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  • 中職總冠軍賽第2戰 萬名球迷嗨

    Monkeys take 2-0 lead over Lions

    The Lamigo Monkeys won 4-2 against the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions in Game 2 of the CPBL Championship in Taoyuan on Sunday to take a 2-0 lead in the series. (CNA Photo)

  • 花博哈薩克馬術表演團

    Almaty to Taichung

    A group of performing horse riders from Almaty, Kazakhstan, have been in Taiwan since August training to show off their skills at the upcoming Taichung International Flora Expo. (CNA Photo)

  • 屏東營造城市美學 打造街頭美術館(1)

    Pingtung bus stop

    The Pingtung County government has invited artists to brighten up the county's bus stops with creative designs. (CNA Photo)

  • 同志大遊行 熱鬧登場(2)

    Largest pride parade in Asia

    Members of Taiwan's LGBT community were out in full force on Saturday, for one of the largest pride parades in all of Asia. Organizers say that as many as 130,000 people were on hand for the event, which featured multiple parade routes through the capital city of Taipei. 


    This year's parade featured the usual party-like atmosphere, but it was against a backdrop of political uncertainty. The annual event, now in its 16th year, had the theme: "Tell Your Story, Vote for Equality."  


    The deadline is looming for lawmakers to create legislation that would pave the way for same-sex marriage, in line with a high court ruling in 2017. However, there are five related referendums on the November 24th elections this year which could throw that decision into peril. Marchers urged the public to vote "yes" on the two referendum proposals -- numbers 14 and 15 -- on election day. 

  • 柯文哲出席北市電動公車路線通車典禮(2)

    Taipei Mayor rides new electric bus

    Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je attends the launch ceremony of a new electric bus on Monday. The new bus claims to offer zero carbon emission, low noise and a comfortable ride. And Ko rides one of the buses back to his office. (CNA Photo)

  • 兩岸圓桌論壇在北京舉行(2)

    First Cross-Strait Round Table Forum launched in Beijing

    Over 60 Taiwanese representatives from different sectors are attending the first Cross-Strait Round Table Forum, held in Beijing. (CNA Photo)

  • 交通部觀光局推宜花東高屏旅遊獎勵方案

    Government promotes tourism in eastern Taiwan

    The Tourism Bureau is planning discount packages to help stimulate tourism in Hualien, Kaohsiung and Pingtung County. The tourism industry in the region has been heavily affected by the recent Puyuma train derailment. (CNA Photo)

  • 鋒面通過 民眾騎車保暖(2)

    CWB: sharp temperature drop expected on Friday night

    The Central Weather Bureau said that temperature will drop by a significant amount on Friday evening. The CWB advises the public to dress in more layers to stay warm. (CNA photo)

  • Sports Administration promotes 10 sports tourism

  • US-Taiwan relations key to stability: Tsai

  • 2018 Boat Burning Festival underway in Pingtung County

  • Omolewa Osain Project band from Belize performs in Taiwan

  • Trains around Taiwan sound horns to honor crash victims

  • Soaring demand leads to shortage in private flu vaccine supply

  • Cloud Gate performs Pine Smoke in Taitung

  • Yutu could affect Taiwan after ravaging Northern Marianas


“Fitting in in Chinese” is a special series on Chinese to Go, which is jointly produced by the Chinese Language Center of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and Radio Taiwan International.


Episode 74




1 既然


(Jìrán nǐ méi shíjiān, wǒmen jiù gǎitiān zài tán.)
Since you don’t have time now, let’s talk some other time!


2 社區
community, neighborhood


(Nà shì yíge hěn ānquán yòu hěn ānjìng de shèqū.)
That is a safe and quiet neighborhood.


3 附近


(Zhè fùjìn yǒu gōngyù chūzū ma?)
Are there any apartments for rent nearby?


4 早期
early period


(Zǎoqī de diànyǐng shì hēibáipiàn.)
Early movies were in black and white.


5 電梯


(Dìzhèn de shíhòu búyào zuò diàntī.)
Don’t take an elevator during an earthquake.


6 管理員
(Guǎnlǐ yuán)
superintendent, janitor


(Zhèlǐ de guǎnlǐ yuán yào guǎn hěnduō de shìqíng.)
The superintendent here has to take care of a lot of things.


7 獨門獨戶
(Dúmén dú hù)
single family unit


(Wǒmen kěyǐ fēn zū yí dòng sì céng lóu dúmén dú hù de fángzi.)
We can share the rent on a four-storey “tou tian” style house.


8 別墅
summer home


(Wǒmen jiā zài xiāngxià yǒuyí dòng tòu tiān de biéshù.)
We have a summer home in the countryside.


9 透天
(Tòu tiān)
multi-storied house belonging to a single family


(Tòu tiān de fángzi yídìng hěn guì.)
Single family unit houses are certainly expensive.


10 差別
difference, discrepancy


(Zhè liǎng zhǒng yǐnliào yǒu shé me chābié?)
What’s the difference between these two drinks?




老師: 既然你不喜歡這個社區,就找公園附近獨門獨戶的透天。
(Lǎoshī: Jìrán nǐ bù xǐhuān zhège shèqū, jiù zhǎo gōngyuán fùjìn dúmén dú hù de tòu tiān.)
Teacher: Since you don’t like this community, look for a single-family, multi-storey building near the park.


歐福: 透天的房子那麼貴,我租不起。
(Ōufú: Tòu tiān de fángzi nàme guì, wǒ zū bù qǐ.)
Oufu: But a “tou tian”residence is so expensive, there’s no way I could afford the rent!


德美: 你可以找認識的人分租啊!
(Déměi: Nǐ kěyǐ zhǎo rènshì de rén fēn zū a!)
Demei: You could find someone you know to split the rent with you.


老師: 早期的舊別墅,價錢跟新大樓的差別不大。
(Lǎoshī: Zǎoqī de jiù biéshù, jiàqián gēn xīn dàlóu de chābié bú dà.)
Teacher: There isn’t much difference in prices between older “summer homes” built a while back and newer buildings.


歐福: 別墅! 那是有錢人的豪宅,租金怎麼會差別不大呢?
(Ōufú: Biéshù! Nà shì yǒu qián rén de háozhái, zūjīn zěnme huì chābié bú dà ne?)
Oufu: Summer home! That’s a fancy house for rich people! How could there NOT be a big discrepancy in rent?

老師: 第一個原因是沒電梯,也沒管理員,第二個…
(Lǎoshī: Dì yī ge yuányīn shì méi diàntī, yě méi guǎnlǐ yuán, dì èr ge…)
Teacher: The first reason is that they wouldn’t have an elevator, nor do they have a superintendent. The second reason….


德美: 讓我猜,第二個原因是房子舊了,很多地方需要修理。
(Déměi: Ràng wǒ cāi, dì èr ge yuányīn shì fángzi jiùle, hěnduō dìfāng xūyào xiūlǐ.)
Demei: Let me guess: the second reason is that being older, there would be a lot of things needing repair work.


歐福: 哦~!老人家沒辦法修理,就搬到有管理室的大樓去了。
(Ōufú: Ó ~! Lǎorénjiā méi bànfǎ xiūlǐ, jiù bān dào yǒu guǎnlǐ shì de dàlóu qùle.)
Oufu: Oh! Older owners don’t have any way to do repair work, so they move to a newer building with a managerial office!